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Lacrosse Players, Enthusiasts, Parents, Neighbors and Coaches,

The Lehigh Valley Natives Lacrosse Club advocates for the sport of lacrosse and the players participating in that sport here in the Lehigh Valley. The club encourages players to compete to the best of their ability, and to the highest acheivable platform. 

The Club advocates for the novice player as well as the elite player. It is a membership program that will offer opportunities to those who desire to achieve at the highest level but also understands the realities of ability, experience, family obligations and personal growth.

The premise of the Lehigh Valley Natives is rooted in the idea that we can exponentially increase the level of gameplay across the Lehigh Valley. This should be the goal of every program, not just to field an elite team, but for the Lehigh Valley to be represented by the best players from our region while at the same time fostering lacrosse education from 3rd through 11th grades at appropriate levels of play for elite or ‘A’ programs to novice and intermediate or ‘B’ programs 

The Lehigh Valley Natives Lacrosse Club is based on the players’ experience and is a format that will allow players to determine what is best for them and their families in affordable and reasonable schedules while providing a coaching staff built from players of the game from the Lehigh Valley who are burgeoning their paths in the sport in the college ranks.

We provide off-season administration for players at all age levels, levels of experience and ability and we look to provide those opportunities to enable each group to enjoy the sport while building gameplay for their communities. Our offerings are based on the demands of our members and the best path for growth is a diverse membership that we encourage and hope to provide the best lacrosse experience available.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us using the link at the top of the page.